Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Holy explosion, Batman!

Well you have bullied me into an update, I guess. Something semi-exciting happened tonight so that was a change. My group of friends has weekly tv nights which include Top Chef on Wednesdays with wine and Lost and 30 Rock on Thursday with chips and cheese or popcorn. At this point it is a tradition that is not to be missed. Also, it is great to look forward to a break during the evening so you feel better about studying earlier. Well anyway, the excitement happened in the middle of Top Chef when there was a huge bang outside our apartment and the power went out. We gathered outside and saw that all of phi rho and 4 other houses on the block were dark. So we were forced to go to Applebees for a couple of hours to kill time while the power was fixed. Let's be honest though, we go to Applebees almost every Wednesday night for half price appetizers so it wasn't really that exciting.

So since I last wrote, we finished spring semester with many finals and started summer term. Supposedly summer term is easier than spring but we have 6 weeks to complete 5 classes so I am doubtful. We are taking Pathology, Pharmocology, Human Behavior, Human Sexuality, and Embryology. We had a "midterm" this week for human behavior which was unexpected but I did really well on it after minimal studying so it was fine. Also human sexuality has been interesting and awkward. They scheduled 2 full days of only human sexuality where we supposedly got comfortable talking to patients about sex though I'm not sure I did. We also had a number of panels and speakers and even educational videos. Other than that path and pharm are a bit boring thus far. I guess this is just the start of drug lists that I have to memorize since we have pharm all next year. Also path is just advanced histology which sucks a little. I can cross pathologist off the list I guess.

Although I've been busy with school, I've still been reading a lot which is a nice break. I also watch way too much tv but that isnt anything new. I am looking forward to summer where I dont have so many obligations and I can read and get a tan at the same time. And go swimming at the lake! Only a couple of weeks left so I better get my stuff together. That should be slightly difficult with my family coming this weekend but I wouldnt have it any other way. Hope everyone has a great week!