Monday, March 31, 2008


Well once again I have neglected my blog for quite awhile. I always think about writing entries and then decide that nothing exciting enough has happened to warrant one. That is the case today but I thought this reasoning had gone on long enough. I just got back from spring break where I got to see basically everyone in my family so that was fun. I'm sure Elliott and Connor really benefited from some older cousin mentoring (cool star wars lunch box included). Actually I think they have already learned to ignore everything Mallory and I say, so that's something anyway.

It has been rough to come back to school after a week off. I realized that I have a lot of stuff to do in a very short time which is not good. Basically every monday from now till the end of our semester we have a "quiz" which means test. Then we have finals, a number of papers, and some really stupid essay tests (3) that are all due in the next couple weeks. I had a neuro quiz today and I'm not sure how I did on it. I studied all weekend but took Sioux Hockey breaks. You know it is bad when you are studying at a coffee shop going, "Where is everyone? Oh yeah, it's a Friday night!" I did that Saturday night too but then I spotted some law students who were also hard at work for many hours doing what appeared to be more boring stuff (property law?) and then I didn't feel as bad. Since I studied so much I didn't feel as bad about taking three hours to go to a bar on a Sunday night and watch this:

It was AMAZING! Of course I was trying to study during the period breaks but I was freaking out so much that I couldn't concentrate. It is also very distracting because whenever they interview a guy I just end up staring at his ridiculous mustache. So funny! I also love that TJ Oshie looks recently shaven with no discernable hair even though he has been trying to grow a mustache for how many weeks now? I'm sure the frozen four will only lead me to neglect my studies even more so I should probably get on top of things this week.

Well I guess that is all. Except can I say that it has been snowing here all morning and afternoon and I do not appreciate it! Spring, please!